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Providing Effective, Natural Pain Relief for a Wide Range of Conditions


At Caruso Chiropractic, we are pleased to provide complete chiropractic for men, women and children.  Since 1989, we have treated a wide range of conditions, including neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries, car accident injuries, and sciatica to numerous patients from the Western New York area.  As a chiropractor, Dr. Caruso's aim is to provide complete relief from your pain, utilizing your body's own natural healing process without the use of drugs or surgery.  Using techniques such as chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue techniques, spinal decompression, light force manipulation such as flexion distraction and activator technique, and modalities such as electronic stimulation, ultrasound, and ice and heat therapy.  Our office has a high success rate and has helped countless patients to live more active, healthy, and pain-free lives.


Spinal Decompression Gives Patients Relief from Radiating Neck and Back Pain


If you suffer with neck or back pain and experience chronic numbness or pain in your arms and legs, you may benefit from spinal decompression.  This treatment exerts gentle, continual pull on your spine which creates a suction that allows slipped, bulging or herniated discs to move back into place.  This relieves the pressure that misaligned discs place on the cord or spinal nerves.  Whether you have been injured in an accident, or you suffer from a disc disorder, spinal decompression in a nonsurgical, FDA-approved treatment that has proven highly effective in treating herniated and bulging discs.


Caruso Chiropractic Offers Treatment for a Number of Complaints


Using a combination of exercises and manual therapy can provide effective assistance to those recovering from a car accident, sports injury, or any other kind of injury.  Dr. Caruso is equipped to provide you with the most comprehensive care.  We will create a series of exercises designed just for you that you can do at home and improve how you perform your daily activities, so that you may decrease your pain and reduce the risk of future injury.  Manual therapy helps many of our clients by relieving tension, increasing flexibility, and stimulating circulation.  Finally, manipulation realigns the spine and extremities.


We Treat


-Sports Injuries                                   -Work Related Injuries

-Auto Related Injuries                         -Neck and Back

-Headaches & Migraines                    -Joint Pain, Arthritis

-Herniated Discs                                 -Degenerative Disc Disease

-Spinal Stenosis                                  -Sciatica

-Pinched Nerves                                 -Fibromyalgia

-Whiplash                                            -Muscle Spasms






Caruso Chiropractic Treats Many Conditions:

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